Magical nature inspired jewellery from the Wyre Forest

A long time ago I made the decision to make my children's lives as magical as possible so I introduced them to the Faeries. Every couple of months we would have a "Faerie Night". I would take the children to the local woodlands or country parks and they would collect things for the faeries, berries, acorns, pretty leaves and stones were all brought home and put in a special place for the faeries to find them. 
We would then cook a faerie dinner. I would cook the main course, my daughter Tasia then aged 4 would prepare (with my help) a pudding and my son Alex who was only 2 would help mix the bread. 
We would eat our meal and I would tell the children stories about all the magical mischievous faerie folk who lived in our world. 
Then the children would put a little plate of food out for the faeries before they both went to bed full of magic and giggles and waiting to see if the faeries had visited over night. 
The next morning there would be tiny footprints leading up to the faerie feast, the food was eaten and the leaves and berries were gone but in their place where crystals and a few faerie wings for the children to keep. 
My daughter never did question why her dolls had paint and dirt all over their feet when I used them to make the faerie footprints. 
Tasia and Alex grew up in a world full of faeries and magic, there was a faerie for every occasion, be it a missing sock or flat batteries in a Furbie. 
So now over 20 years on I have now become a Grandmother to a beautiful magical little being called Ethan. 
When my daughter was pregnant she said to me "Of course we are going to have to reinstate faerie night Mum!". 
So I decided not just to bring the faeries into Ethan's life but to let everyone into their magical world. 
My new faerie wings have come a long way from the ones the faeries left out for the children all those years ago. I has taken years of experimentation, trial and error, laughter and tears to produce the most beautiful and magical wings possible.
 My children now in their 20's did have a magical childhood and they still believe in faeries in fact my son Alex helps me to make the wings!

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